Decubitus ulcers in patients who remain immobilized for long periods (or for short periods at high pressure) are a very common health complication with painful, long and costly process of healing / recovery. Bedsores, like most health disorders can be treated if they occur, but can be prevented so as not to require an a posteriori approach. Currently various methods of prevention are used to reduce the chances of the occurrence of pressure sores, but without satisfactory results.

The technology of three-dimensional fabrics is a completely new and promising field of research with strong scientific interest thanks to the special properties that these fabrics share, while offering a promising alternative method for manufacturing various devices in order to better manage the phenomenon of pressure sores, thus opening new business horizons and giving the opportunity to develop and market new products for medical and paramedical applications.

stoxoi innovation targets

The main coping mechanism for the problem of bedsores is the as far as possible equal distribution of pressure exerted by the body on the mattress through the use of special structures of three-dimensional fabric and the resulting novel mechanical properties. Thereby the increased pressure on specific points imposed by the contour of the human body is avoided in conjunction with the mechanical behavior of the known layers that are in existance. The aim of this research project is to investigate the properties in order to create innovative three-dimensional textile products for managing the phenomenon of pressure sores.

The Research Program

Within the framework of Operational Program «Human Resources Development, 2007-2013» and specifically Action «Program for the support of employment of research staff in enterprises», co-funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology/NSRF, 2S Medical-Paramedical Equipment Ltd carried out a research project with the following title “Design and Application of 3D fabric Technology to Medical Accessories and Products”. This website aims at the diffusion of the aims and findings of the research project.


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