From the Laboratory Analysis carried out on knitted Spacer fabrics it was shown, that indeed these fabrics exhibit good behavior regarding comfort properties. Specifically the measurements made with regarding the resistance to the movement of air and water vapor through the fabric structure showed that the Spacer fabrics are behaving in many cases better both from the behavior of typical samples of foam and from the behavior of “classic” fabrics.

Apart from the comfort properties tests were carried out in order to determine the behavior of the fabrics during compression. Those tests showed that the fabrics 3D display elasticity in compression and resilience. Also the analysis of pressure values on the body in contact with a 3D fabric showed that Spacer fabrics tend to balance the pressures on the individual parts of the body.

Based on the technical analysis it was confirmed that 3D fabrics are a satisfactory alternative / auxiliary materials to the materials currently used to manufacture medical devices and products in the fields/ applications that were investigated.



The Research Program

Within the framework of Operational Program «Human Resources Development, 2007-2013» and specifically Action «Program for the support of employment of research staff in enterprises», co-funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology/NSRF, 2S Medical-Paramedical Equipment Ltd carried out a research project with the following title “Design and Application of 3D fabric Technology to Medical Accessories and Products”. This website aims at the diffusion of the aims and findings of the research project.


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