To reduce the possibility of decubitus ulcer appearance support surfaces of precise specifications are used. The purpose of these support surfaces is to support the sensitive parts of the body and to distribute pressure equally as far as this is possible. The support surfaces which are used for the prevention of decubitus are divided into two categories

Low-tech devices – These offer a support surface which is adapted to the contours of the body and distribute the weight on to a large surface (pressure management). Low-tech devices include standard foam mattresses and mattresses filled with gel (gel), liquids, fibers and air.
High-tech devices – Dynamical systems which are intended towards alternating pressure reduction along the body of the patient and includes alternating pressure, air-fluidized, low -air-loss beds / mattresses / mattress toppers and motion beds / frames (kinetic beds)

Strategies for prevention of decubitus ulcers include frequent inspections of patient skin, hydration of the patient’s skin with the use of moisturizing creams, monitoring the patient’s diet and change of the patient’s body potition by the nursing staff at regular intervals.


The Research Program

Within the framework of Operational Program «Human Resources Development, 2007-2013» and specifically Action «Program for the support of employment of research staff in enterprises», co-funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology/NSRF, 2S Medical-Paramedical Equipment Ltd carried out a research project with the following title “Design and Application of 3D fabric Technology to Medical Accessories and Products”. This website aims at the diffusion of the aims and findings of the research project.


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